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September 2012

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Bunny Hood: Survey Results & Questions Answered!

So, finally I've had the time to reveal some results! The survey was taken 454 times so there were quite a few answers to go through...


The most popular colour combinations were:

  • White fur with pink inside of ears and pink ribbon* (58 votes)

  • Natural white/cream fur with pink inside of ears and pink ribbon* (56 votes)

  • Natural white/cream fur with pink inside of ears and brown ribbon (17 votes)

  • Brown fur with off white inside of ears and brown ribbon* (16 votes)

  • Black fur with black inside of ears and black ribbon* (14 votes)

In all you managed to come up with 104 different colour combinations! :O


Other animals:

The most popular different ears were:

  • Bear (217 votes)

  • Cat (71 votes)

  • Fox (9 votes)



  • I have asked for samples of 4 of the most popular colourways (marked with a star) from the new manufacturer.

  • There will be Bear versions available this time!

  • Other colour combinations will be made to order by me in Sweden.

  • It will also be possible to order a completely customised hat, in any style you like.


Questions Answered:

Thank you all for the uplifting, constructive, cute and interesting comments! I will contact those of you who included your e-mail address with a personal reply shortly. ^__^


Answers to some of the questions/comments:

Q: What does the inside look like? Is it lined?

A: The insides are lined with polyester lining in a matching colour.


Q: This would be fake fur, right? I'm vegan so I wouldn't buy these if not, but I really hope you use fake fur because these are so adorable!?

A: Yep, they are 100% fake. :)


Q: Use felt/velvet/fur on the inside of the ears instead of satin! The shiny satin cheapens the look and just reminds people of crappy costume ears from Halloween shops. It's strange to have something very nice and well made but with poorly selected materials. I would also suggest grosgrain/textured ribbon instead of satin ribbon as well (Satin is too slippery to use for ribbon that ties and secures a hat).

A: The inside if the ears are a 100% cotton medium weight twill. The picture in the survey was an old one from 2008 where I used polyester twill which was indeed a little bit shiny when shot with a flash. I hope you will find the later batches satisfactory. Velvet sounds like a good idea though! I will keep it in mind next time.
I take pride in using high quality materials, and these satin ribbons are sturdy enough to keep in place I think. It is the same type as for example Innocent World uses on their bonnets. (Also they are soft and don't scratch the chin as grosgrain could do.) If anyone has had trouble with the ribbons, please let me know!


Q: I wonder if it were possible for you to invent a hot-weather option?

A: Absolutely, you can always commission something that would suit warmer weather :)


Q: How much will they cost?

A: No prices are set yet, sorry. But they will definiteley not be more expensive than the latest batch!


Thank you again for your support! <3 If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact me on Tumblr, Formspring, Facebook or email to: info (at) ergi (dot) se

~ Piratessan