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September 2012

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Drawing Contest!

The last Ergi contest, back in 2009, resulted in quite a bunch of amazing designs, and This dress as the winning design. This is what you need to do (and know) to win this time:

To enter, you will need to send us an artwork meeting these requirements:

  • There must be two people in the picture, a guy to the left and a girl to the right.

  • They should be standing straight, fairly front facing, full figure.

  • We will use your artwork for reference on where to take measurements, so it should be suitable to put lines across to show where to measure.

  • Both the guy and the girl needs to wear some kind of underwear or tight fitting clothes (tights or the like). They should not be naked! :)

  • Shoes or no shoes is up to you.

  • You can draw in any style you like.

  • We prefer a transparent background or a pattern/interior instead of white.

  • File format: JPG or PNG, minimum 500 px width in good quality.

Send your picture to us by June 30th 2011! E-mail it to: info (at) ergi (dot) se and write "Drawing Contest" in the subject line. Include your name and country in the e-mail. By sending your picture to us you agree to us using it on our website for information purposes. (Only the winning image will be used, however)

What you can win:
The winner wins a SEK 500 gift voucher to spend in our webshop!

How the winner is chosen:
Piratessan will choose five finalists among the entries. They will then be announced here on the website, Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal. A vote will be held on the web for one week, where anyone can vote for their favourite.